Ibanez GSR200LH Reviews 5

the first thing that appealed about this bass was its design, i had been playing precison basses for a couple of years and found them at times difficult to play so i started to look at slim-line designs. I did consider the stagg BC300 but having played both there was no competition, the range of sounds was and is still great. the slim neck is awsome for speed playing (which i do alot of). the constructiob is good its lightweight. i have used it both in the studio and for extensive gigging and its still in mint condition. its basically a good bass

the only things i dislike about this bass is the fact that the left handed model only comes in black which is dissapointing, as i have seen the same bass right-handed in jewel blue and its stunning. there is some buzzing on the 14th fret of the D string but thats about it.

the construction is very good, being left handed there aint that much out there unless you have the money to by a warwick or something. so i had been playing precison copy's a westfield and an old marlin sidewinder, so the quality on those wasn't great, it was a pleasent releif to pick up a bass which had quality pick-ups. both P and J up until then i had only used a P configuration. it doesn't matter how you like your bass sound this does it all really bassy or lots of top to cut through

like i say its the best bass out there at hte price, its a shame it only comes in black

bass monster rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-09.

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