Ibanez Ibanez Silver (made in 1977) Reviews 5

I bought this from a friend who needs money, I paid it 5million rupiahs(about 500 US$) in cash and a 40 watt Bass Amp(Marshall, that is!). I fell in love the first time I saw it, I'm a big Fender Fan, but this one; It looks like Fender, but it's sound and playability is better than Fender (I once own a 5-String Fender J-Bass). I guess, that explain why I'm so interested to this baby!

What I like about it? Everything!!! The look: Vintage and beautiful. The sound: Rich, bright, long sustain, could cover any kind of music and playing style, and no noise, hum, or whatever you call it. Playability: Light string action, with no buzz(no damage frets, even after 20+ years!), only has 3 controls(V-V-T), but everytime I need to adjust the sound, I don't have to reach the Bass Amp. What more can a bass offer?


The body wood is ash(natural finish), maple neck and fretboards(Block pearl inlays), 20 Frets. The pickup, is EMG's(9 volt active), but the sound is still woody and rich(This is the 4th pickup I put on, and I guess they were ment to be). And the best thing about the look: A tortoishell pickguard and a neck pickup chrome plate cover, vintage rules! This bass is 5 years older than me, and it's still great, so about the quality; Questions anybody?

I owned several basses before this, and few, I still own, but this one, it's the best!!! I'm a recording and performing musician, and when I play with this bass, everyone just say: "Is it you, or is it the bass, that makes you look good?" And I have to say, my long search for the right instrument ended, when this Bass is mine!

Anton Chen rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-05.

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