Ibanez Jumpstart GSR 190 'gio' Reviews 4

I paid $440 singapore dollars for it after a 20 % discount.

It is light. Nice red color. Good sounding pickups far a bass at this price range.

When i bought it the fret wires had stains. I had to sand it off with a find grit sandpaper. There was very little fret buzz after that. I guess i bought old stock.

very good. as good as other basses i have carried. at first, i was very skeptical about the agathis wood being able to produce a bassy sound. i always preferred alder bodies but my back hurts afer playing.

NOt a bad bass. Not perfect either. Get one and replace the string and pickups. Make sure there is very little or no sound buzz or refuse to buy it. Ibanez uses cheap fret wires and other stuff for this bass. So, mantain it.

Riduan Chitty rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-31.

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