Ibanez Musician 1979 Reviews 5

I bought this bass from a website (www.blocket.se) for 3000 sek (a little less than 300 us dollars). I bought it because i had read so much good things about it, good quality, nice sound, rare and stuff like that. It also looks very good, one of the most beautiful basses ever mad if you ask me...

I like almost everything about this bass. Neck-thru construcktion,nice finish,great sound (nice pickups) It also LOOKS VERY GOOD!!! You can play all kinds of music with it also.

The only thing I don't like ist the wheels? (I'm swedish so I don't know what to call them) They look good but they are a little sensitive,they sometimes make sounds when you turn down the volume... But honestly, who cares?! This bass rocks!!

The quality is amazing! This bass is (when i'm writing this) 25 years old!! It looks like 10! Sure , it has some scrathces and stuff but what do you expect? It' 25 years old. Besides the good looks ,the bass sounds wonderful. You can play passive or active. The beautiful neck-thru construction with ebony fretboard makes it sound even better!

This bass rocks!! If you ever get the opportunity to buy one of theese rare basses , BUY IT!

Sebbe rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-23.

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