Ibanez SD500 Reviews 5

It is really great to play on with a thin neck and a really nice contoured body (easy on the wrists). Also it is great to look at. The combination of the P-bass and Jazz pickups gives you a good sound variation, and the active pickups let you control bass, middle and treble. Its a really well balanced bass aswell.

Nothing really....OK if I have to think of something, its a bit on the heavy side, which although giving great sustain, can be a bit harsh on the shoulders after a couple of hours playing.

Very solidly put together. Pots all totally solid, and no neck movement whatsoever. good paint job aswell(mine is tranlusent crimson red).

A really good allround bass.Also the combination of pickups and the fact that they are active make it really adaptable as well. I have used it for hard rock funk and alot of mellowed out stuff aswell, havn't tried it with jazz but I bet it would be great for that aswell.

Sammy P rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-27.

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