Ibanez SG 405 Reviews 4

I have played bass for over 10 years. I have played in a few local bands. I like jazz and jam due to the improvizational aspect.

I bought this bass on Ebay for $400 when I upgraded from a Fender Jazz Squire.

I like the array of different tones that can be generated through the active electronics. This bass is light and sturdy.

The sustain could be a little better for my taste, but thats after picking up a few thousand dollar customs.

This bass is black with a 5 string bolt on neck. It has black tuners, knobs, and bridge. It has 2 soapbar pickups.

Great bang for the buck (even if bought new). If your looking to gig and practice alot its a great gateway bass until you are ready for a top of the line / custom bass.

Robert Sanger rated this unit 4 on 2005-11-09.

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