Ibanez SG800 Reviews 5

My husband and I shop at a local dealer in Athens, He gave us an awesome deal of $450, I had picked one up at a music store before we bought mine, I also had a couple of friends that had one. I borrowed this model once from a friend, and played it at a gig. After that I knew this bass was the one for me.

Because I have small, shorter fingers I have to have a smaller/thinner neck, I loved the feel of the neck, also the tone selections, along with active pick ups, you can get a variety of tones from thin to really fat. The bass is extremely light, I like to thrash around, so it doesn't wear me out.It looks really impressive as well.

There isn't really anything that I don't like, I can't complain.

basswood SR-series body, three piece maple neck with rosewood finger board, It has black hardware. Construction is sweet.

For the price, quailty and feel, and the sound, you really can't beat this bass. Because we always try to stick to a budget, lot of times the past, I had bought basses that were around $300 to $400, but they were no-name copies of the bigger names. I got really great deal. I stayed within our budget and got everything I wanted. I'm satisfied.

Angela rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-28.

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