Ibanez SR 500 4 String Reviews 5

I have been playing guitar since the age of fourteen, most of my life.I have played in numerous bands playing lead guitar.Alot of classic rock and blues.I started writing later on in life. In 1990 I wrote Nine Long Years which was produced by Kasim Sultan from Meatloaf fame. Other songs were to follow.Now I live in Texas playing bass guitar witht the off limits band. www.offlimitstexas.com The musicians I like are Eric Clapton, Warren Haynes, Ty Tabor from Kings X and alot of Seventies musicians.People can hear some of my music at www.mp3.au.com/BILLYKING or www.soundclick.com/billyking Most of my claim to fame has been with the guitar. I suffered a hand injury in 1996 which forced me to play bass. I still love playing both.

I purchased the SR 500 at guitar center in Plano, Texas. the price was about 469.00 with a trade in squire bass.

I like this Bass because it has great action and tone. I can get the low bottom that I need and also good high end for slapping.It is a great buy, For the money, Nothing even comes close.

The SR 500 is a very light bass and very comfortable to play. There is really nothing I can complain about.

The quaility of the bass is great. all the lines flow evenly.The neck is nice, The Bartolini pick ups deliver great Low end and extra highs.the bridge is extra sturdy. You can see that alot of time went into designing this Instrument.

A great bass for the person who whats to upgrade and get their moneys worth into a fine instrument. Ibenez delivers on this one.

Billy King rated this unit 5 on 2007-07-04.

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