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I bought this bass in the early 90's, probably 91 or 92. It was my second bass (the first was an Aria proII and it really sucked...)Back then nobody was playing Soundgears, so I just bought it because it was nice, it had active pickups and was cheaper than any other bass with the same specs. I paid about 600 Euros. I bought it in Portugal

The Ibanez SR is the nicest design since Leo Fender invented the bass guitar. It looks sexy and powerfull at the same time. This model is completely black (backside of neck two)and has nice eliptical pearl inlays on the fretboard. This bass was adopted as Rayna's (Coal Chamber) signature model and was taken of the market immediatly after. When properly tuned this bass is easyer to play than any other, neck is very thin and strings are very light on the fretboard. Slapping is very easy on this bass. In fact my friends who had expensive Tobias, Warwicks and whatever, sometimes asked me to borrow it. The Vari Mid activation is the best in the market, it allows you to get sounds that no other bass can, in fact when you listen to things like Korn you know that only a Vari Mid could go that deep.

Well, I must say that the bridge pickup got burned out on the A string.. and It's not easy to get AFR bridge pickups now.. but anyway, I still used it on two CD's like that, nobody complained and they paid me anyway (lol). One other thing is the jack input, it got loose, I opened the back cover to check it but the jack input thing is a completely closed piece and cannot be fixed, so i just keep the cable very still.. The screws that hold the strap holders are getting loose all the time because the threads on the body got ruined.

This bass as not the quality of a hand made bass, but I think it is perfect for a serial made instrument, and very much cheaper ofcourse! It has a simple bolt on neck. The body is very light (i never holded a lighter bass), the neck is very thin but it wont bend easily (in 10 years I had it adjusted only one time), the bridge is very solid and easily adjustable, machine heads are Gotoh wich are the best, the fretboard is perfectly built and is still in perfect shape after so much use, it stays in tune for weeks kept in a gig bag.

Very good bass for intermediate/advanced players. Very affordable considering the quality. It stands out for it's looks, playability and sound.

Warhead rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-19.

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