Ibanez SR400VB / 2005 Reviews 5

I've been playing bass for almost seventeen years. I've touched on all genres including punk, metal, jazz, country, hip hop, as well as other random sounds. I'm currently part of a prog, can't possibly label it by genre, band

I nabbed this beauty at Axe music in Edmonton for six fifty with the case. I had been looking into buying an Ibanez for some time but was looking for just the right model to strike me. I tried an ergodyne, btb and the sr, and I really liked the 400.

What I like about this tight little unit is range of sounds that can be attained through the active style sweeper eq on the bass itself. Because of this i've also found that the bass is a great asset to the sound of music of any genre. I really like the dimensions of the neck as well as the contour of the body they make the playability of this bass simply amazing and the over all design of the instrument is asthetically pleasing, an added bonus.

There really isn't much I don't like about this bass, other than it doesn't come stock with bartolinis. No really though, I have no genuine complaints. I love it.

-five piece sr4 neck -Soft maple body -medium frets -Accu-cast B20 bridge -IBZ DXP neck pickup -IBZ DXJ bridge pickup -Style sweeper eq

This is a fantastic instrument suitable for all skill levels and at any point along the musical spectrum, suitable for all genres it is very well rounded bass.

Mr. Tub rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-06.

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