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Purchased new at Danny D's Music in Webster Texas after looking around at a LOT of 24 fret 4 string fretted basses. After trading in my Squier P-Bass Special 4 string I walked out the door to the tune of $205.00, asking price on this bass was $355.00 ($150.00 trade in on the Squier). I have seen this model, and the replacement model, the SR490 around at several dealers, the lowest price I have found was a blem on MusiciansFriend.com, mostly I have seen these going for about $550.00

What shall I tell you of this fine instrument? I am not the most experienced player (been playing about a year), so I will simply give you my impressions. Mahogany body with nice, deep color, simply perfect size. Not too small, not too big. Ibanez Active pickups with 3 band EQ built in. Top quality brushed nickel finish hardware including bridge, tuners, knobs, strap lugs, etc. The Soundgear slim 5 piece neck is very fast playing, and my fingers have no problems finding where I want to put them. The active electronics and EQ give me no problems at all finding just the right tone. The natural stained mahogany body not only looks good, but gives a MUCH better tone than the Urathaned maple finish on the SR400. Not to dis the 400, which is a GREAT bass to begin with, the Mahogany body of the 480 is just to die for though... I have several studio artist bass player friends (one of mine is also my bass instructor), that have threatened to forcefully take this bass from me. So I guess I got a REALLY good one...

The fact that they don't make these still. I bought mine as a clearance item, and would like to when money makes itself available again, but a second SR480 as a backup, you know if I am playing a party or something and bust a string... There is one sizable scratch by the neck pickup, which is due to this thing being a demo model for so long I think. Damaged in the showroom. The stain color was super easy to match 100%, and the blemish was fixed before the first weekend was over.

Rolls freakin' Royce man. There are no places on this gem of an instrument that I can find lacking.

Would I buy another one? Sure, if I could find one that is... If it were stolen would I try to replace it? Only if hunting down the S.O.B. that stole it and shooting them didn't get mine back :-). I was looking for a Bass I would be happy with, not just settle for what was cheapest and just did the job. This thing plays everything I am trying to do with grace. Rock (Rush / Kiss / etc...) Country, Blues, and never leaves me wanting. The SR480 is EXACTLY what I wanted in a Bass. If you want a really fantastic bass guitar, and are willing to dig, check out the music shops here and there for an SR480, and expect to pay between $350.00 and $550.00 depending on how important clearing inventory space for new hardware is to the store. There are certainly cheaper, and more expensive basses out there, and I have played a LOT of them in my searching. None of them simply worked as well for me as this thing. I bet if you try one, you'll want to own one too!

DragonDropper rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-09.

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