Ibanez SR495 Reviews 5

Purchased brand new at an Ibanez dealer - The Music Store, Chicago. Price $540.00.

For 3 weeks I have been searching for a 5-stringer within the price range of $450-$650 with no compromise on sound quality. I've drilled down my choices between Yamaha RBX-775 ($575.00) and Ibanez SR-495 ($540.00). I've also considered Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 ($630.00). Both the Yamaha and Schecter produces brighter sounds but it lacks the deep bass tones that I've been looking for. The Ibanez got it through it's all natural mahogany body plus its active 3-band EQ provides more tonal choices for a variety of music. I also liked its thin neck for a comfortable long hours of play. The fret boards are not too wide for me to reach which is good for my small fingers and its oval inlays are pleasing to the eyes. I've owned this bass for about a month now and it continues to amaze me with its super low sound that I could feel the stage floor shaking whenever I hit the 5th string. This baby used to have retail tag of $699.00. So, for $540.00, this is a bargain for such quality.

The factory installed bass strings are not that good. The 5th string produces some buzzing (wrong gauge?) but was fixed when I've installed medium gauged strings (.48-128).

The body is of natural mahogany wood finish and in every angle, it is smooth. The hardware color of its bridge and tuning knobs matches its natural looks. Its neck is made of 5-piece walnut and wenge with rosewood fretboard. And the weight of this guitar is not that bad for a 5-stringer. Quality? This is excellent for the price paid.

If you're looking for an earth shaking sound for a mid-priced bass with natural wood finish, this ones for you. You have more money to spend? Check out the Warwick.

Westbrook Low Tones rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-31.

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