Ibanez SR885-BK 5-String Active Bass Reviews 5

I bought it from www.guitartrader.com for $619 American

It's so comfortable to play, you can get to any fret on any string with ease. It has screaming high pitches, and great thunderous bass notes. You can't ask for a better rock bass. It's so lightweight and has such a thin neck it's the easiest bass to play I've ever had my hands on. A lot of 5 strings feel like you are holding a baseball bat, but this one is diffrent. I play a lot of power-chords, and the layout of the strings is perfect. I mostly play rock, and it suits me perfectly for that, but it works fine for funk, jazz, and anything else I play. The built in equalizers can find the perfect sound for any playing.

There is a little bit of rattling on the first and second fret of the 5th string, but that is easy enough to fix. My only other complaint is that my amp isn't powerful enough to handle it.

It's great solid construction. It's a thin neck, but it's the most solid bass I have ever held. So far I haven't had a single problem with it as far as construction or quality go.

Bass boy rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-05.

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