Ibanez SRX300 4 String Reviews 5

I purchased this bass new from Guitar Center; List price is $429 I got out the door with the bass and a hard shell SKB case for $389.00! I highly recommend Guitar Center...(dont ever plan on paying whats on the tag there either!)

Ive played many brands and varieties of basses through the years, and aside from Warwick...Ibanez is my favorite. And I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it, mainly because of the Ernie Ball Music-Man style PFR pickups it has. It also sports an EQB2DX 2 band fully sweepable EQ, a separate volume control for each pickup and 2 tone blender controls. Overall this bass has that fast Ibanez neck and a very smooth feel. The fret edges are even smooth..(most new basses have those nasty sharp edges on the frets!)

It seems its only available in Iron Pewter. I like that color...but now everyone else who buys this model will have the exact same bass too. With the PFR pickups, the bass is a little "clicky" sounding at lower volumes...but this disappears when you crank it...or you can dial it out in the EQ, but I play a bit more in the high end of the EQ spectrum so it tells on me!

Full scale, 24 fret, bolt on neck...two tuners on top of the headstock and 2 on the bottom....Chrome hardware and what so far appears to be a very nice heavy duty bridge.

Bang for buck---an AWESOME deal. Ive played 1500.00 basses that werent anywhere close to the bass this one is. Very roadworthy and affordable all in one package...its about time!

Dave Ward rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-08.

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