Ibanez Sound Gear Extreme SRX300 Reviews 5

I purchased this bass online & sight unseen from Musician's Friend. The reason for the purchase was Gear Aquisition Syndrome in full effect! I already own an Ibanez Soundgear DX300, liked the neck and other features, so I wanted another, slightly better bass. The total cost was US $315.00 and worth every dime.

Tone Tone Tone... and the control of it is what makes this bass shine. Nevermind the super fast neck, top notch hardware and excellent fit and finish - it's all there, but pales in comparison when it comes to this things electronics. Two massive exposed pole humbuckers, active EQ (Fade F/R, Bass boost/cut +/- 15db, ditto for treble, and then a master volume). A reliable rosewood fretboard was dressed and ready, the setup was good to go. I checked action, tuned up and checked intonation. I was genuinely impressed by everything. I've since restrung it with DR Black Beauty coated strings and it sounds awesome. It's a classic in the making.

The one and only gripe (and it's not THAT big of a deal) is that Ibanez could have rounded the edges just a little more on the forearm rest area. Nor real biggie though.

As stated above, the construction quality of this bass is much better than I was expecting for a $300.00 factory made instrument. I've seen basses costing twice as much that didn't have this kind of quality.

The bottom line is that I am thouroghly impressed with This bass, my first bass, and so far, Ibanez as a quality instrument builder. Hey, they didn't get sued for nothing - somebody was scared! :)

T. Bailey rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-06.

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