Ibanez PF5CENT Reviews 4

I got this axe at Guitar Center in Va Beach for around $275.

Excellent sound. I was looing at a few others in this price range, but when I plugged this one in and played for a few I knew right away it was the best deal. The Fishman electrics make it sound real nice and its not a bad looking guitar either.

I cant say theres much I dont like about this guitar. Considering price range and all, I'd say its more than ideal.

Seems to be made well. Looks nice, Sounds better.The action needed a little adjusting, but that goes with anything. I am curious to see how the glossy finish holds up.

Bang for the Buck. This is my new workhorse. Love the sound, rich and true, didnt break the bank either. I look forward to alot of nice gigs with this one.

Rob rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-28.

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