Ibanez Tone Blaster 25 Watt Amp Reviews 5

I bought it at Sam Ash store for 150$. Two years ago.

I like the fact that I am able to get so much sound out of this amp while only paying 150$. It was my first and only amp and I love it for the fact that it has always worked for these 2 years and is still working.

Its not a marshall stack OK!? Nor am I willing to cash out any more $ on an amp. I just bought a new Ibanez baritone(not because I have an Ibanez amp, the guitar is good.period.) and I am planning to expand my effects collection into a tricked out setup. I dont like the overdrive on this amp, its for grunge people only. Not metal heads.

Im not gigging or anything, its just standing here being an amp, abused with sound not physically. I did had to take a screw driver and tighten the speaker to the frame, I put down so much bass they unscrewed a little over time. But otherwise pretty good stuff.

To finalize my review, it keeps me content as a metal head. The sh*t I play comes out nice and if its going to keep providing me same reliable service - this amp will definetly be worth 150$. Try finding a brand new amp for 150$ with 25 Watt power. Go long forest!!!

Superdown Ritual rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-19.

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