Ibanez Toneblaster 100 Head Reviews 4

I payed 299.99 for this amp threw musiciansfriend.I liked the price,sound and the 120 watts of power it pushes at 4 ohms.It should be called the TB120.

The distortion channel is heavy and loud with a great low end sound.Great amp for metal music and punk.The clean channel is very clean and clear.Allmost to good for this price.Run a good distortion pedel threw the clean channel and youve got a good sound.

I dont like the distortion channel.It sounds good but its so noisy in the high end tones.And the hiss of the amp is louder than the amp itself.Your better off running a metalzone pedal in the clean channel.

The construction of this amp is tough.Built to last.Its very reliable.Ive played shows with it and never had to worry about it breaking down on me.

The Tb100 head is a good amp for the money.It sounds alot better than any other amp in its class.For 300 bucks you cant go wrong.The Ibanez 4x12 cab is also very loud and bass heavy.Good amp for nu-metal and punk.

Ghost rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-12.

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