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downloaded it from the fruity loops site - paid 99$ for it. why? because i wanted to produce the music and the hardware that i looked at was too costly, it was totally out of my reach to buy the expensive synthesizers and racks. there were too many other things people were talking - like this particular piece will produce this kind of sound that will produce that kind of sound...whereever i went people were talking about analogue, digital, phat sound, week sound etc. and i did'nt want to invest loads of money to find later that i do not like this particular thing i paid big $$$$ for. and then one day i downloaded the demo version of fruity loops(full functional with save disabled) and that was the end of hunt for me. amazing quality, amazing control, ease of use and all that you can imagine to produce any kind of music...and that made me to go for the purchase of fruity power.

everything in this amazing software is excellent. - ease of use - sound quality(actually it does not depend on fruity loops but the samples and synths you use and there are some excellent samples that come pre bundled with it) - flexibility to use the third party synthesizers/instruments. - use of real sounds from the sampled wave files. - real time effects - ability to render mp3, wav files.

there's nothing as such that i do not like about fruity loops. the only thing that is missing from it is the ability to let you record vocals directly on the track. though you can trigger the vocals present in the wave files(but you can't record directly using mike with fruity loops). but it would be great if it would let you record the vocals directly...and that would make it a complete standalone studio. but anyway, you can always put the vocals on the track sequenced with fruity loops by using some other tools.

construction of music using fruity loops is very very simple process. you sequence the different beats on the step sequencer and then select what you and where you want to play in the playlist. the quality of music produced with fruity loops does not directly depend on the fruity loops but the samples and the synthesizers you use. there are some excellent samples that come pre bundled with it. the following synthesizers are there :- tb404 mda dx10 sim synth live (demo version, save disabled) wasp (demo version, save disabled) 3x Osc and there are many more you can download and use. there are many effects available in fruity that you can use on the samples and synthesizers..

i hear most of people talking about fruity loops as just a drum loops sequencer thing. but they underestimate it's capabilities, just because these are those people who are already using some hardware setup and they just need fruity loops for drum sequencing and thus they do not go about doing the complete thing in the fruity. once you get started in fruity loops, you can unleash all your demons and create some amazing sounding music without using any extra device than your computer. i use fruity loops on my pentium III 600 mhz laptop with 128 mb ram without any external controller. you need not to be a master in playing any instrument to make some great sounding music if you have fruity loops with you. all you need is a passion and creativity. listen to this track, this is 100% fruity loops creation...and do let me know your opinion about the sound and the icq is 16151399

napalam rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-15.

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