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Ive been surrounded by guitars for years in my life, but never had the confidence to play at all, i went to a small gig and listened to 12/15 year old people playing and i thought im 16 and can still learn, so the day after the gig i woke up at my mates and the first thing i see is a guitar, and i felt jealous, so i went to speed music swansea and purchased a jcx stargazer turquoise eletric guitar i gradually learnt songs, and love to play and show off, i paid 99 for the eletric,b.b booster amp, lead and 3 picks which i was impressed with, i told my friends and they all said for a first guitar i had picked a good guitar to learn on, i wanted this guitar not for the price but for the way it felt to play, the way it looked on the eyes and the sound with out it bein plugged into an amp

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I dont like the fact the strings never stay tuned for two long, and when i tune it, it takes awhile

a very high standard built guitar looks like a copy of a les paul

the jcx stargazer is a very good guitar to get started on and is a very light to play on, and looks the part for a young teenage guitarist like me

Scott M Jones rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-17.

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