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I purchased this JCX Stargazer Les Paul on Ebay from a Seller that goes by Starship328. I paid $126 for this new-in-the-box guitar. The Seller is very trustworthy and answers all questions and emails promptly.

I had been looking at several Les Paul copies and the JCX Stargazer is just about the best I've come across. Has the heavy feel of a Les Paul not light like the Jay Turser balsa wood copies. The frets are finished properly so there are no sharp edges. This unit came set up very well. The pickups were adjusted properly, the neck is straight and the string height was just about how I like it. The pickups sound okay to me but I am sure many would want to change them out. The paint and binding is excellent.

The strings that come on this guitar are the first thing to go. I put on a set of D'Addarios (10 -46) and what a difference. The guitar comes with 9s and just sounded terrible and wouldn't stay in tune too long. The change to 10s took care of both problems. The sustain now is unbelieveable.

These guitars are made in China but the quality and construction is excellent. There are no spaces in the neck pocket and this guitar is made of real wood not plywood, as in some Les Paul copies. The frets are polished and level and no sharp edges. The tuners actually work well although they are generic. Everything was set up well, except the intonation. That took about 30 minutes to correct.

I have been playing since the late 50s and have owned many guitars, including a 1957 Les Paul Special TV Yellow that I regret selling. While this JCX is no Gibson it is a really nice playing guitar. I don't gig much anymore but I would feel comfortable using this as a backup. If it were lost or stolen I would definitely buy another one. Great guitar at an unbelieveable price. Buy one now before the price goes up!

John rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-28.

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