Jackson C5A 5 String Bass Guitar Reviews 5

Musician's Friend, $395. I hadn't played for a few years, and noticed I needed that low B to play the tunes I was listening to. I wanted to relearn the fingerboard, but didn't want to get a great bass until I was sure I wanted a 5. I was replacing an Epiphone Power Bass, '93 model.

I like the passive pickups, as I can tweak them with my pre-amp, but there is adequate control with the volume - Pan - Tone controls. I wanted as simple a machine as possible. It's my first 5 string, and I'm just about to outgrow it, but for just plain thumpin' in a cover band, this thing would be fine. I've gigged weekly for a year and a half, and have done nothing but change strings. It's a reliable axe.

It is a good beginner's bass. Now that I've got a few more ice cream seasons under my belt, I'm ready for a professional instrument. It has served it's purpose of getting me to think in terms of BEADG quite well.

The bass stays in tune, looks fine, and the only issues I have are related to setup. The ends of the frets are not sanded to perfection, but I never cut my hand; I had to adjust string length to get octaves in tune, etc. Normal stuff for a Bass of this price.

The Jackson C5A is a reliable instrument for beginning to intermediate players. It's looks and tone are adequate, and the price was well worth it. I offer my rating as a student instrument or backup rig, or a cover band thumper. It is not for the purist, but all the purists already knew that, right?

Claude W. Ingersoll rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-01.

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