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There isn't an authorized Greek dealer for importing James Tyler guitars and I didn't purchased one - the Tylers were extremely priceful.

It's basically a Strat copy which features all the specifications common for a Strat-style guitar. Other options include a humbucker in the bridge position and a active mid-boost circuit for extended tonal capacities or sheer extra gain, along with an extremely versatile pickup switching. Most Classics had black/white fretboard dots (depending the wood choice), others featured abalone dot markers on their fingerboards that employ rosewood, birdseye maple, pau ferro and ebony.


Generally, most Tyler guitars came with traditional finishes with the choice of alder or ash, but it's surprising that you can also order a multicolored guitar with fancy woods - yes, Jim offers his guitars and basses with truly spectacular finishes - haze mat sewage fiasco shmears, psychedelic vomits, burning waters and Jimbursts were pretty examples to naming few - and gorgeous unusual tonewoods, such as mamywo.

Jim was respectfully recognised by many LA session musicians as an innovative custom maker, building high-end instruments for some famous artists, such as Neil Stubenhaus, Dann Huff, Robben Ford and Mike Landau, as well as the fine jazz legend Abraham Laboriel. He runs a small workshop in Van Nuys, California, heading a team with three other guitar builders. Tyler Guitars produces some 150 instruments a year since 1999.

John Constantinides rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-10.

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