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I bought this guitar for $300 canadian, two years ago at a local guitar shop which almost specializes in the brand. I wanted to take up guitar, and had to decide between the jay turser, and an epiphone. The epiphone was $400 more.

the jay turser has a great tone, great feel, and an almost convincing look. the covered humbuckers and metal tuning machines are an espesially nice treats, not something you'd expect from something in it's price range. The range of tones is also something to cherish. From classic rock, to jazz, to a great hard rock tone. it has alot of what most guitarists are looking for.

this list is short, but relevant. the toggle switch on my model causes the treble pick-up to cut out sometimes if you switch into it, but going out and back in fixes it in a hurry. i'm not sure if this is true for all of the guitars or just mine, but it can be a nusance.

the neck is set, and has a rosewood fingerboard. this is attached to a light weight body, that seems to be just perfect. it's a gold top, but the "sparkles" that seem to be in the paint can look a little cheesy in the wrong light. again the toggle switch is a bit of a damper, but it's can be repaired at any guitar shop fairly cheaply.

for the price, it's not only a bargain, but practically a give away. compared to other guitars in it's price range, it's heads and tails above the rest. compared to an epiphone, it'll equal or beat one any day.

brian shay rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-21.

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