Jay Turser JT 302 Reviews 5

Bender music, Elkton MD, 179.99 Love at first sight.

tuners work very good, pick up sound great low noise, 5 position swich- very versatile,beutifull finish, neck is a little fatter tha standard strat

nothing yet

this is a well made guitar. I heard the factory set up is not good, but mine was set up at store when they took it out of the box, the finish is immaculate, the hard ware is heavy, I believe this guitar will be verry durrable and dependable

I fell in love whith this guitar, from the word go. It was love at first sight. Th finish on this one is transparent red, and with the pearl pick guard, and gold equipment, the looks are killer. Then I saw the price, and name brand (which I was un familiar with), and I was thinking , "Oh, its just another junky strat knock off." But, I could'nt have been farther from the truth. My freind that worked there encouraged me to try it out, thank you Buch. This is one of the best stat style guitars out there. At the price, it is the best. The tunners are great. The pickups are about as good as you can get as far as cheap imports go. I cant say enuff about this guitar. I would encourage anyone that wants to buy a stat and dont want to pay a lot this is a must buy, a steal to be quite honest. This guitar plays like a 500 or 600 dollar stat. If you put some after market pickups on it and a few other minor modifications, I'ld bet it would give an American Strat. By the way, if you get yours in the mail, I hear the factory set up is bad, but easily correctable. I real think the Lord blessed me with this guitar.

just a Jesus man rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-08.

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