Jay Turser JT 700 Reviews 5

I got this 7 -string because I wanted to try one out without havng to blow big bucks and maybe not like it. I got mine on Ebay for $129!

It came ready to play out of the box. It had a great set up, and good action. Everything on it is very sturdy (more so than most other guitars twice the price)and built TO LAST. The finish is a transparent blue, which really is sweet. I found no flaws. Oh yeah! almost forgot Neck is slim and fast, and tuners never go out!

Like most guitars, even the more expensive units, stock pickups aren't the best, but again like others, you'll just have to tune your rig around it, or replace them if you realy have to.

Again BUILT TO LAST! all over

You will not find a guitar of this quality from another manufacturer for anything remotely close to the price. It's nice to see a smaller company jut blow the big boys away. I strongly recommend picking this one up if you're interested in trying a Turser or a 7-string. If anything happenned to this one, I'd be bidding against you potential buyers in a heartbeat.

JB rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-06.

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