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Today sing/play guitar & electric bass with Praise team. Late 60s lead guitar with Motown style and English music (made 2 records). I have played since I was in 4th grade and am still going strong at 58. Our praise team band is the "Week Beginnings". Contemporary Christian with classic guitar instrumentals, Rock, etc.

I tried it at Lightning Joes Guitar Heaven and mentioned to my son(s)hoe nice of a guitar this model is for a fraction of the cost of the Gibson equivalent. They gave it to me as a Christmas gift. It was selling for $359 when I saw it. I assume they paid this.

Very easy fret, and feels very good. It sounds great when amplified, but not the guitar to use for others to hear without amplification. It is a little louder than playing my solid Fender Jaguar. I really like the looks, as well.

Not good to use for others to listen without amplifier.

Very impressed with the quality and ease of playing.

Owner of Lightniing Joe's told me that a person with the equivalent Gibson bought this model when he had his Gibson being worked on. He liked it so much that he use this guitar for his gigs instead of the $4,500 Gibson. I have learned to believe/trust the owner. It is made in China, but what isn't, anymore.

AGregFox rated this unit 5 on 2005-12-27.

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