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Bought it off eBay with HSC and Peavey practice amp for $350. I was looking for a keeper to play around the house or take to jams and a friend had purchased one of these locally.

I love the weight and neck feel. I had a '57 Les Paul Black Beauty back in the '60s and it is most reminiscent. But then that was a long time ago and I got a real deal on that one. This has a translucent red finish with gold hardware. It has great "curb appeal" and looking at it on the stand encourages me to play more.

The only flaw I see is that the inlay has more filler than I would have liked to see. But this isn't a $2500 guitar and it is awesome for the price range.

I can't fault any part of the construction. It is truly amazing that they can produce this quality for the price. If you paid List Price it would still be a deal.

I spent a little to customize the guitar. I bought a gold Bigsby off eBay and took the guitar and tremelo to a local guitar tech. He mounted the trem, set the intonation (although it wasn't noticeably off when it arrived) and set the action. I love this guitar. I have had the LP, a Tele, several Harmony hollow and semi-hollow bodies, a Guild Starfire IV, an Aria Pro II CS-250 and currently a Takamine F-400-12. I love this guitar.

SD_Johnny rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-21.

Ebay: 200$

I like everything about this guitar, I have been playing for five years..and have had many other guitars (primarily Ibanez RG series)..Other guitars that i have played include ESP, Gibson, Fender, and most of the other big names. And, personally the cost makes me like it that much more.

What I do not like about the unit is probably the 'gold' hardware...but, some people do like that..It appears to be quality but there are some molding scars on the bridge and it appears to oxidize rather quickly (so keep it clean) :)

I would have to say quality is great 9 out of 10..The guitar has one blemish of overspray but perfect in every other way.

If i was to lose this guitar I would deffinately have to replace it..If i had the money for a much more expensive guitar I would prefer to re-buy this one and pick up a new amp to push this awesome guitar's melody out of.

Matt rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-11.

I got this brand new off of Ebay for about $250, not including shipping. I purchased it because the specs made it sound like a worthwhile, inexpensive Les Paul copy.

The finish of the body is a beautiful purple sunburst, on top of a flame maple cap. The serpent inlay is impressive. There's a sturdy straight set neck, and for the price the sound (timbre and tonality) range is excellent (also tons of sustain).

Like I stated, the serpent inlay is impressive looking, but the almost half-inch of filler around it is not. I don't know if that will affect the neck later, only time will tell. There was obviously no skill whatsoever on the inlay job.That and the weak neck finish are my only gripes.

Set mahogany neck, semi-locking tuners, noise reducing humbuckers, flamed maple top, and a coiling serpent inlay. Besides inlay work (which is only a matter of aesthetics... so far) everything seems like it is built to last. Many guitars from many companies start great, few end that way. Only time can tell, but it feels pretty sturdy.

Look is this thing a Gibson Les Paul... of course not, and you're not going to get one ANYWHERE for under $1000. This guitar plays nicer than my old Washburn custom, and nicer than most of the Epiphone LP's I've played. The inlay looks great for gigs (nobody in the audience will notice the filler, lus when light hits it it gleams!). For the money, best copy out there hands down. I recommend picking one up, and if you want a similar model at an even better deal, they have one without the inlay going for about $150 on ebay- you can't beat that.

J rated this unit 4 on 2002-01-03.

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