Jay Turser JT-200GT Reviews 5

Bought it new from an eBay store. Paid $219. It was a good looking guitar for the price.

This guitar is a Les paul type guitar. Was much lighter than my epiphone LP standard. The guitar in my opinion sounded better than the EPI and was half the price.

Action was to loew. Need to get the guitar setup, the people I bought it from said they set it up before it shipped but I don't believe it.

Unit came with gold hardware and the paint job was flawless for just $219. The pickup switch was way better than the EPI. Tuners stay in tune better too.

I think that Jay Turser is putting out a great product at a great price. Like a lot of people you might change out the pickups for hotter ones, but the contruction was great for the guitar.

Mike Swofford rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-30.

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