Jay Turser JT-300 Strat Copy Reviews 3

I bought this guitar from a used guitar shop on ebay for $119.00. I was looking for a budget guitar, and this fit the bill. Mine was a the translucent blue model with the pearl white pick guard.

I liked the color and the look of this unit. The construction was good as well. This was a very light weight guitar.

Nothing really. For me it was hard to play but it could just be personal preference.

Again good construction. Took a beating pretty well. Dinged easily but I guess that's with any guitar.

I talked to a friend that was into guitars and he told me that Jay Turser made quality guitars at good prices so I decided to check them out for my first guitar. I bought this JT-300 guitar for $119.00 used, but I did notice that Jay Turser's website says it retails for $249.00. It's definately not worth that much money. For that kind of money your better off spending it on a Washburn or another brand guitar. But for around a $100.00 it makes an ok guitar. You won't get something grand for that $100.00 but you'll get an ok guitar that has no major faults. $100.00 doesn't buy much even in used guitars and I guess for $100.00 you could buy worse.

K. Hankewycz rated this unit 3 on 2002-11-22.

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