Jay Turser JT-50 Custom Reviews 5

I got this guitar for Christmas but it was about 300-350$

This is a great guitar! It has beautiful inlays, a very fast neck, excellent sound, and on top of that it is very lightweight. This guitar is on par if not better than any Gibson SG I've ever played!

My only few gripes about this amazing guitar is that it is a bit unbalanced, first off because the body is just so darn light. Also, the strap button is behind the neck, which kind of makes it too top heavy.

This guitar has a glue on neck, 4 knobs, and gold covered hardware. The hardware is extremely thick and durable, almost as sturdy as the guitar itself. In the month or so that I've owned it, it has taken many a beating and the only scratches on it are from picks.

Overall this guitar is one of the best I've played. Its amazing quality and mind blowing cool look are all topped off by an insanely low price. An excellent buy, for anybody.

some guy rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-09.

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