Jay Turser JT-LT Tele Style Reviews 5

I bought this guitar in 10/03 on Ebay for $85.75. I purchased it because I wanted a Tele and have 2 other Tursers, so I knew I'd get a good guitar and a good value. I was still blown away by how fine this guitar is. It's the best of the 3 I own as far as being as good as the model being copied. I'd put it up against any Tele, any time.

I love the sounds that come out of this thing. The neck pickup is warm and clear, while the twangy bridge pickup is as Tele as you could get. I play mostly classic rock and for the style of music, a tele is a must. The neck is so comfortable, I'm thinking of moving in for the winter.

It looks great, sounds great and cost way less than $100. What's not to like? I honestly don't know how they do it, especially with dealers in the middle, but these Tursers are some fine made machines at ridiculously low prices.

The poplar body is very light and easy to handle. The maple neck is slick and fast and the controls all work properly. The finish is beautiful and the hardware looks like it will last a long time. This is my third Turser product and the others have stood up beautifully. There no reason to doubt this one will too.

If you're in the market for a Tele and have about $800 to spend, go look at the American Teles from Fender. Then go home, get on Ebay, buy one of these and put the $700 in the bank. You'll have just as good a guitar and still have $700 in the bank. I just wish I could figure out how they do it...

TheHands rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-06.

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