Jay Turser JT-Sicocco Reviews 5

Maggio-Music, via Ebay, $175. Versatile, value-priced guitar.

The sound variations are awesome. The humbucker-single-humbucker arrangement produces cool tones. Humbuckers are strong.

Could probably make it even better with spicier pickups. Would prefer a set neck.

One volume, one tone control; 5 position pick up selector; QTX 5 way rotary tone selector (coil tap); maple neck, quilted maple body; full contact, knife-edge tremolo; Die cast tuners; pick guard.

I love this guitar. I'm mostly an acoustic player so this is an incredible value for having an electric guitar. I also have an Jay Turser acoustic electric. For my money, the best value going. Highly recommended!

David rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-20.

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