Jay Turser JT134DC-Vine Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar on Ebay from Sanatoga Music for $260.00. The retail price is $349.99. Add another $28.50 for shipping and you got it.

I love the finish and the vine inlay on the neck. It looks like a million bucks and sounds darn good, too. The gold hardware really accents the transparent black finish. Sweet! THe tones you can get out of this box are just amazing. From smooth, mellow jazz to cutting hard rock , this baby can do it all. The three way switch lets you choose from rhythm, mix and lead and really gives you different sounds that will make you wonder what you did before without this beast.

I'm not nuts about the strap button on the back at the base of the neck. It makes the strap hang funny. There was a little fret buzz on the low E string, but a couple turns of the old truss rod and a bridge adjustment fixed that up in a hurry. There aren't too many things I don't like, but the fact that it only fits right in a Jay Turser case is a little bit of a pain, although I got a nice hard case for $70, so I can deal with it.

It seems to be solidly constructed and finished professionally. The balance of it is perfect and the frets are finished beautifully. The goldtone pickup covers and hardware really shine and seem to be made of quality materials. The pick guard is not the best I ever saw, but it does it's job. Overall, I think this axe can take a pretty good beating and keep rocking.

I haven't been playing 6-string for very long and I didn't want to spend a ton of dough on a stick, but I never expected to get this much guitar for such an unbelievably cheap price tag. It comes with a lifetime warranty too, which I may never need, but it doesn't suck to have. I have recommended the Tursers to all my friends and not one of them has been disappointed in them yet.

TheHands rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-04.

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