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I purchased the JT136 at a local (Louisiana) music store four months ago. I paid 350.00 for it. I was the only guitar like it in the store, the owner took off the price tag and told me to play it first. Then he showed me the price, I immediately bought it. I had been trying out other guitars at twice the price and the JT136 was every bit as good if not better than the others.

It looks good, I got the Tobacco Sunburst and it looks great on my stand. It sounds incredible, the sustain is clear and there's no discernable "cut-off". It sounds good all the way up frets.

It doesn't come with a case of any kind, although for the price... The neck is a little unwieldy for my wife, she has small hands.

I noticed a minor flaw in the finish around the uppper "f" hole. Other than that it is beautifully done and makes you want to polish it. Overall construction is solid and all switches and knobs are high quality and look great. I am considering replacing the tuners with a high quality set.

I know it's been said before, but it really is a great guitar for the money. Compare to Epiphones or like quality guitars and you'll see.

Matt rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-10.

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