Jay Turser JT137 Dragon Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at a music shop in Ontario and paid about $525 US. I had been looking for a semi-hollow body to use for blues/rock for a couple of years and I had looked at numerous guitars including Ibanez, Washburn, Ephiphone, Cort etc. This guitar blew me away it terms of value.

The JT137 is a fantastic guitar for the money. It has a great neck, good action, great sound range and tone, and with the Dragon pearl inlaid neck it looks nothing short of fantastic! I really believe that I could not have found a better playing, better sounding, and better looking guitar for hundreds of dollars more.

It is a little heavy for a semi hollow body, but not that bad. I suppose that helps with the sustain which is quite good.

The guitar has a flame top, gold pegs and pick up covers, and fantastic Dragon pearl inlaid neck. The neck has a nice taper, good action height (I lowered it slightly after purchasing it) and is very easy to play. The finish is very good on the neck and body. My unit has some very small rough spots on one small part of the head stock, otherwise the finish is excellent.

I had never heard of Jay Turser before buying this guitar. If mine is any indication of the quality, fit and finish, playability, and sound of Turser guitars... I would have no hesitation recommending them! The Dragon pearl inlaid neck makes this particular JT137 semi hollow body a real showpiece, as well as a great instrument to play. If you like semi hollow body thin line guitars and you can find a Jay Turser with the Dragon neck... BUY IT! You won't be disappointed.

Tom rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-08.

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