Jay Turser JT200 Les Paul Copy Reviews 5

This was an impulse buy that I picked up from the Orange County Swap Meet. It's a beautiful cobalt blue LP with Steel/Chrome hardware that cost $179. I'd never heard of JT guitars before so this was definitely a gamble.

I'm no pro, but this looks, feels and plays like a solid guitar. It sounds great for my tinkering, the neck is nice and straight, it came set up nicely and stays in tune. I've done some research since my purchase and have yet to read a bad review on these guitars. The JT-200 won the Guitar Players 2004 Players Choice Award for Ultimate Value. Nice job JT.

Nothing, yet. Everything works perfectly so far.

Solid. Hardware is firmly mounted. Just a little overspray on the neck where the color meets the tan fret indicator. You can buy them with the ugly plastic/ivory looking tuner knobs or the better quality steel/chrome looking ones. Mine's got steel. Gold color hardware too gaudy for my taste.

Like I said. I'm no pro, but I don't want a cheaply made guitar either. This was well worth the price (which was cheaper than the original sticker and the JT website) and from what I've read, many people agree. I'd buy again and have already referred two friends to Jay Turner guitars.

Ken in So. Cal. rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-15.

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