Jay Turser JT280 Reviews 2

I purchased the JT280 from an authorized Jay Turser supplier. The instrument is very attractive and has a bigsby. Price paid was $270

I wanted a guitar with the Bigsby and I was looking for a guitar that would produce a Les Paul sound with easy access to the upper frets.

This guitar will not stay in tune. I'm on my second guitar. The first was sent back to Jay Turser and they sent another. Didn't fix the tuning problem. Local guitar techs and the companies guitar tech say replacing the tuners and nut should fix the problem. My issue is that if the company knows the problem is there they should revamp the guitar before selling any more.

The guitar is a great guitar excluding the tuning problem.

Be prepared to spend an additional $130 before this guitar is ready to played with. Out of the box this guitar is not a giging guitar.

Gman rated this unit 2 on 2004-09-18.

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