Jay Turser Semi-Hollow Body Reviews 5

Well, I wanted to join jazz band and I started to learn with my youth director teaching me so I barrow my uncle ovation, but knowing that I had join jazz band we decided to buy a guitar for christmas so when that came around I went to the guitar store and got it for 225 which I think wa pretty good.

I like the sound of the guitar. Great tone, frets, and neck. There are to many good things about this guitar. Good price, and shape. Jay Tursers make great copies so you don't have to buy like a gibson.

A little heavy. Maybe a little tall for some people.Other great guitar.

The quality of this guitar is almost unmatchable I got mine at http://store.yahoo.com/musiclandcentral/doubcutholgu.html

Great guitar overall. Get if you get the chance.

Trowa B rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-23.

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