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I bought this Guitar from my local pawn shop. The Guitar was new, and it was the first guitar I had purchased. I purchased the Guitar because it was of decent price (retail price was $249.99 CDN), and the pawn shop dealer had recommended it to me, guaranteeing that I could strum away on it for a few years before I needed to buy something better for myself, and it was a good way to start out.

This Guitar had a good body and neck. 3 single coil pickups is decent, for the price given.

The buzzing sound, it's very dislikable, and you get a lot of feedback when using this Guitar on larger amps (anything over 70 watts). The Guitar can unfortunately become easily out of tune after playing for a few hours.

The body is constructed nicely, as well as the neck. The quality is lacking in it's constant buzzing, and it's strings becoming out of tune shortly after playing for a few hours.

Bottom line, I recommend something better, personally. Paying a little more than $100 for a better Guitar is something that should be taken into account if you ever decide to buy a cheap Guitar.

Nick U. rated this unit 3 on 2004-03-27.

I didn't buy this guitar, but played it quite a few times at my friend's house. He got it for about $215 Canadian from a local music shop called Noteworthy.

The stratocaster look, I guess. And...*Struggles*. Hm... Yeah, I guess that's about it. Cheap? (It BETTER BE)

Where to start... It stays in tune for about 5 minutes. After tuning it, I played a punk-rock type of song. When I was finished playing the song, it was already out of tune. The pickups hardly do ANYTHING at all (And I stress that). All 3 pickups suck. The guitar has a LOUD annoying buzzing sound when you strum or pick. The tone is awful.

Horrible. I hate almost everything about it.

If you are an expert, dont buy it. If you are a beginner who wants to waste $200+ on a crappy guitar, then get it. It's one of the worst guitars I have ever played.

Nelg rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-28.

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