Jay Turser Vintage Series - Strat Copy Reviews 2

I was a beginner, and had no knowledge of guitars. I walked into a music store near my house and this looked like a strat, so I got it for about $215US, including a Roland amp, soft case and strap. The guitar usually sells for $150 on its own.

- 3 pickups - 5-way pickup selector - Stratocaster look - Standard 21-fret neck - Whammy bar The guitar has a sunburst colour, which looks pretty nice. It looks pretty much identical to my other friend's Fender Standard Strat.

- A lot of buzzing for all the strings - The tone is horrible - The pickups don't do a whole lot. You can hear the difference in sound when you use the pickups, but it doesn't really change the tone. - Buzzing - Buzzing - The tuners arent the best. The guitar goes out of tune pretty quickly, and it's bad enough to stop you from playing. - When you strum once, there is a really weird ringing sound. It sort of sounds like you are using a whammy bar.

I dropped it a couple of times because the bad strap kept coming off :( Not TOO much damage..all things considered. My stupid friend also shot the guitar with my airsoft (bb) gun for some reason and the dent it made wasn't that big.

This guitar is good for people who want a cheap guitar to smash or upgrade. If you want a really cheap strat-sort of guitar, buy this, but it wont get you very far. If you want a better guitar, at LEAST get a Squier. Or a Fender or SCHECTER if you have the money. I do not suggest buying this guitar. Let's put it this way: the amp that came with it is better than this guitar.

Bob the Builder rated this unit 2 on 2003-07-06.

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