Jay Turser Vintage Series Strat Copy Reviews 4

around $199.99/CAN

i mostly like all the features on this outstanding guitar. it also looks like a fender and the sound is great.

well, if you put it on distortion it has a really noticable "buzzing" sound, which i hate.


rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-25.

I got this guitar from my parants for christmas '00. I believe they paid about &300, give or take $50. They bought it at our local guitar store. note: this was my first guitar.

The guitar is fairly nice to play. It has a comfortable neck. It also has a tremolo bridge, which is nice. It's definetly worth $300, and not much more. Thats about all that is acceptable.

What i don't like? Well, there are a few things i don't like, but not a lot that i can't stand. The pickups, to be frank, suck. 3 single-coil pickups that buzz a ton with distortion. The guitar's two tone controls don't seem to do anything at all. The way it sounds is quite disgusting, it is much too bright and tinny. I find that just after i stop playing, the guitar makes a crackly noise which is very annoying. Im sure this isnt just the amp, because my other guitar dosn't seem to have the same effect. The tremolo bridge makes the guitar hard to stay in tune. The frets are much too small, and are made of low quality metal, and i actually have managed to get a dent in one of my frets, and am unable to play an f# on my low e string. But a beginning guitar player (as i once was) is usually completely oblivious to all these things.

The quality and construction isn't great. Like i said before, the frets aren't good quality. The tuning pegs are of horrible quality. The guitar weighs about 8-9 pounds, which is fairly heavy. But for a 300 dollar guitar, its not too badly made.

This is a guitar strictly for beginners. It's great for your first guitar, and if you don't know much about guitars at all.

Ben Martin rated this unit 2 on 2002-01-02.

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