John Hornby Skewes Encore Acoustic Guitar W255 Reviews 5

I own the W255 Natural Encore 6 string. I play solo but I have been playing for 30 years.

This guitar gave me quite a shock, the Action at the nut was very precise the well cut nut better than my more expensive guitars, the action was 3mm at the 12th fret I have taken this to 2.2mm and a very slight adjustment of the truss rod to reduce the relief and lo and behold this guitar plays like a dream I use Adamas Silk and Steel strings on the guitar it helps to make it sound more mellow, it can be quite loud as it has a Laminate Constuction but don't fall into the trap of the Solid improve with age theory trust your ears and fingers Laminate can be just as good if the guitar is well constucted and you can pick up a bargain and have a guitar that you get on really well with.

I have no complaints with this Guitar at all and play it more than My others these days.

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2009-02-13.

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