Johnson J Bass Reviews 3

I got this sucker off ebay for $145. This was my entry into bass, looking back I wish I'd spent a bit more, but for the price its not a bad Bass.

Its got two volume and one tone control and looks nice.

Theres nothing really bad about it, though its the only bass I've played so I dont have alot to compare it to. It dosn't sound all that great. Lower down on the register it kind of loses its punch and sounds rather flat. The stings it came with were crap, I replaced 'em with Accuwound ones a couple weeks after I purchased it.. that seemed to help the sound a bit.

The bass is made allright. I'm sure theres better but so far I havnt had any problems. Its got a standard rosewood fretboard with nickel plated frets.

Its not a bad bass really. If I had the opportunity I would spend a couple hundred more bux and get something name brand, but for the price (sub $100-150) its a good insturment.

Clashish rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-07.

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