Johnson JB-MA4 Reviews 5

bass player for 20 years, recording engineer

Very much like a stingray: The equalizer works exactly like the genuine pre-Ernie Ball circuit - I use the same settings on the real MM-20 and the copy's sound is pretty close to the original. Chunky, clear and assertive sound, great for all styles of music. Best choice of all Musicman Stingray copies, including the OLP.

As the other reviewer mentioned: The factory setup is... not existing. You can draw another bass guitar below the strings until you invested a few bucks or minutes on the setup. (Thereby you will most probably earn a real low string action making it a real fun to play) The string nut will need filing, too. The headstock is a bit ugly :)

Solid alder body, maple neck w/ maple fingerboard. The wood isn't the beautiest but its real and sounds appropriate. Very solid construction, no glitches or weak points. Good feeling. Quality is pretty fine, not only for the low price.

Best choice for the monetary handicapped Stingray afficionado. Sound is 90% of the real thing and price is only 10% of it. Needs setup after purchase. You won't regret the extra effort. Quality is (rock) solid.

StingrayDude rated this unit 5 on 2006-07-01.

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