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i"ve always wanted to learn the bass guitar but never really got round to it,until now,i"m 39(never say never). i"m a huge sabbath and maiden fan so thanks to geezer and steve harris i"ve eventually bought one

i found this bass on ebay at a local guitar shop in england a few miles away from where i live(i dont trust our local postage service)which is why i always buy from local guitar stores,that way i can pick up the instrument in person,i paid 100 pounds for it(approx 200 dollars give or take)i always look after my gear.

because i"m new to bass playing i cant really compare it to more expensive guitars but this is a really nice bass,i"m more in favour of fender basses but when i saw this i just had to have it. i"ve got a thing for maple fingerboards and thats what swayed me as well,it looks beautiful and sounds awesome,mine is the white version with the black pickguard,some people say because its such a cheap guitar that it wont hold its tuning very well,wrong,this bass is the buisness i use it everyday while i"m practicing and i rarely have to tune it up on a regular basis plus the maple fingerboard takes less looking after than the more common rosewood ones(one less thing to worry about)

theres not much i dont like about this guitar,the headstock is a bit ugly but who cares as long as it does its job(which it does)

like i said earlier i"ve not much to compare it to but having said that this bass feels right,i cant find any weak points on it and everthing works as it should with no problems whatsoever. i"ve owned this bass a few months now so only time will tell but so far its been spot on,i wouldn"t hesitate to buy another one of thesee models

all in all an excellent beginners bass,i was so impressed by the quality of this bass i went back to the store a month later and bought another johnson bass(the longhorn model). if your thinking of learning the bass guitar then you wont go far wrong with this,its a steal for the money and i can guarrantee that you"ll be quietly impressed.and to think i was gonna buy an encore as my first bass. this musicman stingray copy is the bees knees BUY IT,YOU WONT REGRET IT

ashgeezer rated this unit 5 on 2007-10-18.

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