Johnson JJ 840 Longhorn Reviews 4

up to now i only play at home as i"ve only been playing bass guitar a few months,i"ve always loved the sound of a bass guitar thats why i decided to learn,i"ve decided to teach myself and to be honest i"m finding it quite easy and enjoyable

i bought the jj840 longhorn from the same store that i got my other johnson bass from (stingray copy)i really like the johnson brand and i may get the jazz version in the near future i paid about 80 pounds for as chips

its a very nice bass,its a sunburst colour with all black hardware and really light,no problems with weight whatsoever(compared to my stingray copy(pretty heavy)everything works as it should and holds its tuning pretty well,i also like the headstock colour(black)makes it look sinister(or maybe its just me whos weird)

theres a couple of issues with this bass,i found the D string tuning peg to be very stiff,all the others seem ok,maybe i just got a bad one,also when you play without the amp you get a bit of fret buzz,not a lot but enough to annoy you after a bit but through the amp everything sounds fine. to be honest this bass is as it was when it left the shop so it probably just needs a pro set up,the action is ok,not to low or to high.

the quality is pretty good for such a cheap bass and the electrics work just fine i cant find any weak spots anywhere,the only thing that lets it down is the routing for the pickups i feel that the gap between the routing and the pickups could have been done with more care but having said that its something you dont notice after a while because its such a nice bass.

all in all another decent starters bass from johnson,like i said earlier a couple of small issues but nothing that cant be resolved for very little money, good looks,nice and lightweight and a nice sound.if your thinking of buying a johnson bass go for the jb/ma4 stingray model its slightly more money but worth it,but having said that the longhorn model is quite nice as well

ashgeezer rated this unit 4 on 2007-10-20.

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