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I acquired this baby through, and i have fallen in love with it time and again, because There is nothing like sitting down and playing a nice slap-beat, or just laying something jazzy down with this baby. It's easy to tune, fun to play, and easy to fix. The Johnson jj-800 Longhorn is a great bass for beginners, or if you play electric, very easy to convert to bass with this. It's available in 4 string OR 5 string, so you have some options there, too. I paid $575 for this, and it was the smartest investment I've ever made.

I like the fact that it's fun and easy to play, not at all hard to learn new beats or slap beats with, fun just to show off to your friends, easy to fix,(not that i'm saying it has a lot of problems along with the price) When i say that I'm a cheap person, I mean I don't like spending more than $1.25 on a mountain dew or something, but when I seen the price for the bass, I had to have it, because I knew I was getting a deal on it. It is a die-cast metallic blue, with one volume and one tone control, and came with a jazzy bass gig-bag.

It has had quite a few minor problems, but nothing that I didnt help to cause, or could prevent. You will want to change the pickups after every six months or so, or you will REALLY start to have problems with it, and it isnlt very fun then. You will put more money into fixing he thing than what its really worth. The paintjob is great, hasn't worn off yet, but i suspect it will. The pick guard has been changed quite a few times in the past few years, but I guess on any guitar that would happen, and nobody can stop that, huh?

This guitar has lived up to the Johnson reputation, and meets all my expectations, as far as bass guitars go, anyway.

This guitar is the shizznat

Wits End rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-04. paid $119 + 22.95 shipping.

Very good entry level bass. Very good color (blue), Much better then what I've seen in the Fender or Gibson's. Running through an amp its very good sounding for the price range.

The pickups stink...with that said a D'marzio jazz pickup would make the bass sound way better.

Very heavy...Suprising for that price...over all its built like a Tank, the heaviest bass ive picked up.

I believe its the best bass with the price range...if you can, go up a skoach for a better bass...but its good for the amount paid.

Bryant Dunivan rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-23.

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