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I bought this is a package deal on ebay with and amp for $209.00, so it wasnt to bad of a deal.

First off the paint job is wonderful. it scratchs easily though, but i guess most basses are like that. not that i really care for look anyways. The sound is great, and it comes close to a fender easily! its a nice P-bass. It stays in tune great, i have to retune it like every couple weeks, and i play metal/ hard rock bass! its a monster, i've dropped it more than once on my wooden floor and it doesnt show it at all, minus the nicks and dents in the finish. great beginner bass! fast neck, great tone. it has sweet, smooth creamey bass, when the tone is set nicely.

I wish it had 24 frets, but its a pbass so thats not really expected... not much i dont like about it really. its a bit on the heavey side and hard on the shoulders but all that means is it is one tough SOB. oh, it has a slight buzz when i turn the tone knob on the bass to get a more trebley sound... it buzzes really bad if the volume on the bass is turned down at the same time.. but you can hear it at all in normal band playing, or even to a radio.


Good Beginner amp, I guess I would have chosen something different now, maybe an ibanez (24 frets)...but you cant go wrong for the price

sholacenoose rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-14.

A friend of mine purchased a johnson bass as his first bass guitar. He told me about how good it felt and sounded and that i should come by and play it. I played the bass and to be honest was very impressed with it. I was playing a fender at the time and decided to get one and give it a try for myself. I aquired one from mandaly music over the net for a price around 150 dollars.

The thing that I like most of the bass is that it does have a nice punchy sound and feel for the price. The finish is a nice bright color. The body and neck are a true monster. With two small children around I have found this out.

The one thing that I did not like of the bass was the strings that came on it. They did not hold the tuneing long and i was haveing to re tune after a few minutes of hard playing. Other than that i have no major objections with this bass.

To be honest i thought for the price it would be broke down within a couple of months of purchase, but this thing is a tank. My kids more than a couple of times....ok and myself have knocked it over and droped it and it is still holding true.

Dont let the price of this bass fool you. It is a very reliable bass and is very affordable at a price of only $150. I would recogmend this bass for a beginner bassist. True it is no fender but to be honest I have put it next on my list.

JP rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-19.

I bought this from a company in Arizona, fro about 150 dollars *149.99, free shipping*

I love the way this thing is built. It's built like a tank, I have dropped, and bumped into so many things with this bass and it still plays great. It plays great, the sound is very good. I have a Johnson Stage 25-B amp, and the amp cant handle the power of this bass. If I turn the volums all the way up on the bass, and the volume up on the amp, the amp cant handle the bass. And the wide variety of colors it comes in, good job Johnson.

The strings it came with were crap. The pick-ups are good, but they could b upgraded, but thats up to you.

It's built like a tank. This thing can take a hit and still play great. Fret board is good, I've had it for about half a year now and the fret bord is still good, no warping or anything. The paint is very good quality, with my constant cleanings it still hasn't scratched.

Very good bass. Exceptional for the price. Perfect for the beginner and expert alike. If you're wondering if u should buy this... Buy It.

Jeremy rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-07.

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