Johnson MM4 - Stingray Copy Reviews 4

I bought this bass guitar online as my first in a package with small, sucky amp and accessoires for 200$ because it just looked great and the seller promised it has got lots of punch in it.

For a beginner it's really worth every single buck! After some difficulties in the beginning (see "cons") it was fun and motivating to play this bass and in a short matter of time I became quite good with it ;-) Well, to sum up the pros: - Awesome look (wine red) - chunky - nice playing capabilities - really nice, aggressive sound

Nevertheless you should ask your reseller to tune this nice, chunky piece of wood for you. In my case it came to my house as it left the company; fr example the G-String was FAR too loud so I had to adjust the string's gap to the really growling, mid-complimenting humbucker. Other cons are that it loses it's tuning relatively often and that the Tone-Equalizer seems not to work.

As I already said, there is not much to complain. The wood for the neck could've been chosen more carefully and the volume controle seems a little untighten but that's no problem since you don't change the volume directly on the guitar.

All in all this bass fulfilled my expectations - more than that and not only mine. I showed this bass to a professional bass player I know and he said that this bass is a steal for this prize. It almost sounded like his very own 2000$ Stingray he had to admit. If you don't mind some minor cons grab this bass and if you like it and the unique MMMS (Mid-Music-Man-Sound ;-)) perhaps a real Stingray will be once yours.

Andi rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-17.

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